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About Us

An Elite Technical Team Wholly Dedicated To Your Success…


All IT Support Teams are not Created Equally…

We have been providing cost-effective, Enterprise class technology consulting and managed support services to the SMB marketplace for over 25 years.

Over this timeframe we have gained a tremendous wealth of practical knowledge and real world, “hands on” experience, across numerous industries and technology platforms, on what it takes to optimally service the needs of the most demanding client IT support environments.

That professional experience is your guarantee that every IT production environment we service will be in the capable hands of highly trained and seasoned IT professionals that have the expertise necessary to meet all of your business technology requirements.

IT Takes Having iTeam on Your Team

A team whose real-world business experience, technical expertise and commitment to your success will ensure that your company always derives the maximum business value from your business technology investment.

IT Services Delivered by Professionals for Professionals

When you hire iTeam Technology you are not just hiring an IT support vendor, you are acquiring the comprehensive skills and talents of a dedicated, full service, Enterprise class IT support team that is completely devoted to you.

Our Core Values

We Believe in IT Service Delivery Excellence ​​

And excellence only happens when every team member is equally invested in delivering the daily personal effort necessary to achieve it.  iTeam is dedicated to building a working environment that continuously challenges,  inspires and teaches our technicians to bring their best every day to every client issue we service.

We Believe in Knowledge Management

Technology is always a moving target.  It is our job, as your trusted advisers, to ensure that any professional IT guidance we provide is informed by thorough research, analysis and timely industry awareness.  We take this responsibility very seriously and we work every day to improve our team’s knowledge management capabilities and ongoing professional development.

We Believe in Communication

Technology can be confusing and can occasionally create dissonance between end users under pressure to resolve their technical issues and the technicians trying to help them accomplish this.   At iTeam, all of our technicians are trained to communicate clearly and effectively to ensure issues get resolved as quickly as possible.

We Believe in Technology​​​​​​​

At iTeam we have a passion and dedication for mastering new technologies and distilling the benefits of this knowledge to our clients to help them derive competitive advantage.  At the end of the day technology should be making harder things easier for you – not making easier things harder.  If your technology is impeding your productivity then it is not doing its job (nor any good for your business…).  You know your business.  We know technology.  You can always rely upon us to help you leverage your technology assets to your company’s greatest competitive advantage.

We Believe in Teamwork

Our company was founded upon the simple concept of teamwork.  It is integral to everything we do and is the core principle responsible for our ongoing professional success.  We never think of ourselves as a “vendor” – we always think of ourselves as members of your team.  Towards this end, we support ALL collaborative communication and workflow platforms to ensure that our team can successfully integrate and deliver support services in any modality your company currently employs to manage internal workflow and communication.

We Believe in “Pervasive” Security

Managing today’s constantly changing IT security threat landscape requires a comprehensive, multi-layered defense posture coupled with daily vigilance by ITSEC professionals properly trained to respond instantly to any IT security monitoring alerts or IT security breaches.  Hundreds of businesses are compromised daily.  IF you care about conducting your business operations safely and securely you are in good hands with iTeam because we take nothing more seriously than safeguarding your company’s IT security.

Our Team

Sid M. Edelstein

President & CEO

Company founder and President with over 25 years of professional experience in business management, IT consulting services and developing cost-effective managed IT service programs for a broad range of industries.  Maintains day to day responsibility for all iTeam business management and client service delivery quality control operations.  Specializations in the fields of IT Governance, Regulatory Compliance and Business Continuity Planning.

Scot Braunzell

Partner & CSO/CTO

Over 25 years of intensive, hands on technical experience managing enterprise class IT environments and global network infrastructure deployments.  He is a master level technician with a diversified knowledge base across all modern IT operational platforms with a concentration in the fields of advanced cyber security and investigative computer forensics.  He is a member of the FBI’s InfraGard program and is an expert in the field of Cybersecurity.

Thomas Jennette

Manager – Administrative Services

Over 20 years of professional experience with direct responsibility for  execution of all iTeam managed service delivery administration procedures as well as oversight and delivery of senior help desk support services for iTeam client base.

Wayne Cullen

Manager – Help Desk Services

Over 12 years of professional experience managing iTeam client  daily help desk support services.  He has professional experience in over 50 IT platforms in use across our client base and is responsible for coordination and oversight of all daily iTeam client support ticket prioritization and resolution functions.

Jason Gomez

Manager – Technical Operations

Over 12 years of professional experience managing iTeam client technical engineering services.  He has professional experience in numerous networking platforms, virtualization and storage architectures, cybersecurity technologies and client network troubleshooting, administration & support.

A Technology Team Built to Consistently Deliver Business Value

Learn about our proven methodologies for delivering consistent IT service value to your business so that you can focus on your business priorities.

We are constantly engaged in performing in-depth internal research to ensure that we are using the best monitoring tools, utilities and cloud service platforms for you. Our monitoring systems undergo rigorous real-world testing on an ongoing basis to make certain that we are able to respond swiftly and effectively to any issue.

We invest time and effort each year into refining our internal processes to continuously enhance our team’s efficiency and responsiveness – ongoing technical training programs, emergency response preparedness drills, extensive managed service industry research and strict adherence to MSP best practices.

Every member of our technical team is fully qualified to monitor and detect system alerts, and provide immediate intervention when needed. This level of vigilance and interactive remediation ensures the swiftest response possible for any unplanned system failures or issues that might otherwise impede your company’s operations.

One Team To Handle ALL of Your Technology Needs

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