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iTeam Cloud Services & Cloud Consulting – NYC

Enterprise Class Cloud Networking & Security Solutions Designed Exclusively for Small Business


‘Zero Touch’ Cloud Migration & Support

We’ll handle the full migration process & provide a dedicated cloud computing expert to manage your entire conversion.


Reduce Your IT Capital Spending

Dramatically reduce IT CapEx and maintenance costs by only paying for the cloud applications and resources you need.


Purpose Built for Small Business

We leverage best-of-breed cloud technologies scaled to meet the needs and budgets of small business.


Simplify IT Budgeting

Get all-inclusive, per-user pricing that make your IT costs easy to manage as you grow.


Automate IT Compliance

Cloud architectures designed to help reduce the cost and complexity of IT regulatory compliance and reporting requirements.


Worry-Free Cyber Security

Multi-layered cloud security architecture to safeguard your business from known and evolving cybersecurity threats.

Do the Cloud
Your Way

We work with every cloud client we service to help architect a cloud migration strategy that is precisely structured to meet your company’s unique business requirements.

Whether you are interested in implementing cloud point solutions, hybrid or hosted cloud solutions or full IaaS & SaaS solutions, iTeam NYC Cloud Services has the resources, experience and cloud service vendor platforms you need to help you accomplish your company’s goals.

On The Ground Or In The Cloud, iTeam Has You Covered

With iTeam Cloud Services you will be gaining a seasoned team of IT experts and support professionals that are wholly dedicated to your success.

We will be the only point of contact you will need to handle all of your company’s IT management and support needs whether on the ground or in the cloud.

You will also be getting a comprehensive suite of daily cloud monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that your ICS cloud environment remains optimized for peak performance and fully secured 24/7/365.

No Load Too Heavy to Reach the Cloud

iTeam Cloud Services can help you cost-effectively migrate every internal application and IT asset your business depends on into the cloud.

We accomplish this by leveraging our strategic partnerships with many of the IT industry’s leading cloud service providers to take full advantage of the scalability, processing power and unlimited cloud storage their cloud platforms can offer.

This includes:

Data intensive applications for CAD/CAM, AI, Medical, Banking, Brokerage & Aerospace industries.

High-volume RDBMS workloads.

Desktop Virtualization for PCs & Macs (VDI)

Distributed cloud backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

High security cloud computing architectures for industries that handle classified or restricted data.

A Cloud Platform Your IT Auditors Will Love

All iTeam Cloud Service platforms can support a full suite of IT regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting tools. This can help your company rapidly and cost-effectively address ongoing IT compliance administration and reporting functions, including compliance management and reporting for:

FINRA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

IT404 Compliance

PCI Compliance

Our cloud platforms are all designed to ensure that managing your industry’s IT compliance requirements will never interfere with managing your business.

Stop Hackers & Cybersecurity Threats Before They Stop Your Business

iTeam NYC Cloud Services has over 25 strategic cybersecurity vendor partnerships designed to help build a customized security architecture for your environment that will help your company do business in the cloud safely and securely.

Every ICS cloud platform we deploy includes a multi-layered security architecture that includes numerous best-of-breed IT security vendor solutions designed to monitor and guard against all common cybersecurity threat vectors.

ICS Cloud Security Configuration Options Include::

Single-tenant cloud infrastructure

24/7/365 network security monitoring and emergency response with SIEM

Zero Trust & ZTX Cloud Architectures

Local and cloud based firewalling and unified threat management

Automated web and email threat filtering

Full network backup, disaster recovery & business continuity protection

Dual factor authentication

Mobile Device Management

End user IT security training

Cloud Solutions That Work as Hard as You Do

Contact us today to discuss your company’s cloud computing requirements.

We will help you build a cloud platform that precisely aligns your company’s strategic IT objectives with the best technical capabilities the cloud has to offer to help you grow your business.

iTeam New York Cloud Services Platforms

Microsoft Azure/Office 365

Explore everything the Microsoft Azure/Office 365 platform has to offer to help seamlessly move your small business into the cloud.

Avatara Complete Cloud

Explore everything Avatara’s Complete Cloud platform has to offer to help you leverage the cloud to support all of your business operations.

Cyxtera ZTW High Security Cloud Solutions

Explore everything Cyxtera’s Zero Trust cloud platform has to offer to help you manage mission critical IT security environments.

Cloud Migration Services

Leverage our team’s deep experience with cloud migration to get your toughest cloud migration projects accomplished on time and on budget.

Cloud Point Solutions

Explore our dozens of SaaS cloud point solutions to help target the right cloud platforms and products to make meaningful improvements to your business.

Hybrid Cloud & Hosting Solutions

iTeam Cloud Services also offers a broad range of hybrid cloud, virtual cloud hosting and data center co-location platforms to choose from.

Cloud Vendors

Conquer the Cloud…

iTeam Cloud Services consultants in NYC can help you develop a comprehensive cloud migration strategy that will reduce your IT costs and ramp up your business growth.

Still Not Sure ICS is Right For Your Business?
Contact iTeam Technology’s cloud consultants today to schedule a free cloud migration  consultation and discover whether your company is eligible for our FREE limited time Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration offer (a $5,000.00 value!).