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Specialized NYC IT Consulting Services

We Can Help You Handle Your Most Complex IT Projects
On Time and On Budget.

What Makes iTeam Different From
Other IT Consulting Firms in NYC?


Avoid Project Delays & Cost Overruns

iTeam has the service depth, resources and project management expertise necessary to help deliver exceptional results and savings on all your company’s IT projects.


It Takes a Hacker to Stop A Hacker

iTeam has “White Hat” Cybersecurity professionals with the InfoSec training and skills necessary to respond swiftly to any threats and protect your IT Assets effectively.


Financial & Auditing Expertise

iTeam has a deep background in IT auditing disciplines and has assisted both internal and external audit teams on hundreds of IT compliance auditing engagements.


IT Forensics & eDiscovery

iTeam has provided specialized forensic and investigative technical services to dozens of clients and law firms in support of litigation, fraud investigations and eDiscovery matters.


Advanced Networking Design & Engineering

iTeam has over 25 years of professional experience designing and building complex Corporate networks with deep expertise in wireless, virtualization and advanced IT security environments.


IT Governance & Oversight

iTeam can provide your company with outsourced CIO/CTO/CISO services on a part-time or full-time basis to help your executive management team address gaps in executive level IT leadership capabilities.

iTeam’s Specialized IT Consulting in NYC

Deliver IT Projects With Confidence
& Avoid Costly Mistakes

Put an end to cost overruns, delays, incompatibility issues, and other IT project mistakes by leveraging our project service teams:

We bring a technical team of over 500 certified IT specialists and offshoring capabilities to the table to ensure that your business has all the resources required to meet tight project timelines and handle complex system deployments efficiently and cost-effectively.

All iTeam project teams are led by seasoned IT professionals with extensive project management skills and hands-on experience managing Enterprise level IT system deployment and enhancement initiatives.

A Network of Networking Experts at Your Fingertips

iTeam has been providing professional network architecture design, engineering and support services for over 25 years. Over this time, we have amassed a broad team of cross-disciplined and incredibly talented technicians and engineers that have been engaged in hundreds of network deployment projects including:

  • Local Area Networks
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Wireless & Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Cloud Networks
  • Maritime Networks
  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Advanced Storage Infrastructures (SAN/NAS)
  • Many other specialized networking technologies

From designing secure, high-performance local & cloud networking environments for small businesses to helping larger companies achieve greater operational efficiency and savings through complex server virtualization & consolidation projects; our IT infrastructure services group can help you plan and execute a network environment that optimally supports your business objectives.

Professional NYC IT Consultants You Can Trust

At iTeam NOTHING matters more to us than professional integrity.

You can be confident that when our NYC IT consulting team provides professional counsel or guidance it will be accurate, informed, objective and, above all, practical. We apply these core professional principles to every client IT consulting project we undertake.

We do not directly resell any hardware, software or third-party IT solutions we recommend so that we can retain our professional objectivity and deliver solutions that succeed on their merits.

We never make technical recommendations before performing a thorough audit of your existing IT systems to uncover all IT issues that may be adversely impacting your business performance.

We always strive to identify potential IT opportunities and creative solutions to help you improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs based upon the unique IT challenges your company or industry faces.

We always ensure that your company’s financial and budgetary requirements are of topmost concern to us and remain closely aligned with our service delivery to your business.

Our professional auditing experience ensures that any NYC IT consulting or regulatory compliance tasks we perform will be performed in full accordance with industry regulatory requirements and best practices.

In areas involving litigation, fraud or other sensitive IT management matters, you can always expect the highest degree of confidentiality, personalized attention and professional integrity from our consulting teams.

IT Thought Leadership, Vision & Governance

Good leaders consistently get good results because they understand that both people and process matter equally.

Taking proactive ownership over the strategic direction your company pursues to integrate these two key assets is the most meaningful step you can take to chart a course for your business that will gain the rewards you wish to achieve from your business technology investment.

Leverage our outsourced CIO/CTO/CISO services to help you:

Establish effective roadmaps and Executive strategies to help meet your company’s short-term and long-term IT enhancement and budgetary objectives.

Plan ahead to help your company overcome the IT challenges you face today and be prepared to handle those that you will face in the future.

Identify and mitigate IT risks in your environment that could impede your company’s ongoing profitability, competitiveness and progress.

Establish consensus with Executive management on the role IT plays in the company’s business operations and its ability to successfully meet the business’ long-term challenges and operational objectives.

Implement proactive measures to ensure new IT business initiatives undertaken always remain tightly aligned with the company’s overall business growth objectives and that all internal and external stakeholders are regularly held accountable for progress.

Motivate your entire team to align themselves around IT initiatives that will deliver positive change and genuine business value for your company.

Help everyone in your business understand their individual roles and responsibilities towards helping the company achieve desired outcomes and reward and incentivize them accordingly.

Manage your financial investments in technology to prioritize overall long-term value to your business and establish objective metrics to continuously analyze and measure progress along this path.

Pervasive Protection – Holistic Cybersecurity for Your Entire Environment

Proficiency with All Major IT Vendor Security Devices & Platforms

Our Cybersecurity team has professional InfoSec training and hands on expertise with over 50 cybersecurity platforms and technical disciplines, including:

Proficiency with All Major IT Vendor Security Devices & Platforms

24/7/365 SOC Monitoring & Alert Remediation

Network Configuration Hardening 

Network Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing

Wireless Networking Security

Mobile Device Management Security

SIEM Log Aggregation & Analysis

Multi-Factor Authentication Technologies

Data Encryption Technologies

Malware/Ransomware Protection/Removal

Investigative Forensics & eDiscovery

Zero Trust Network Security Architecture

Cloud Security Architectures

IT Security Auditing & Compliance Reporting

End User Security Training & Testing

Professional IT Consulting Services in NYC

Outsourced CIO/CISO

Strategic guidance you can trust to help move your business forward and maximize your company’s technology investments.

Network Design & Engineering

A broad range of network design and architecture services to keep your business connected and optimize your team’s productivity.

Server Virtualization & VDI

Reduce infrastructure costs and improve centralized network administration, performance and business continuity capabilities.

CyberSecurity & Forensics

Keep your business safe from all forms of cyber threats with 24/7/365 security monitoring, multi-layered security architecture and advanced threat detection and mitigation technologies.

IT Auditing & Compliance

Reach 100% IT compliance
in your industry while reducing the cost and complexity of managing your company’s regulatory administration and reporting requirements.

Business Continuity Planning

Be prepared to handle unplanned system failures and emergency response with a professionally designed business continuity plan and regular plan drilling exercises.

Data Backup & Recovery

We offer a broad range of data backup and disaster recovery solutions to help your business protect your data assets and maintain operations in the event of unplanned disaster.

Relocation Support Services

iTeam can help take the hassle out of IT system relocation projects with our technical move support services.

Other Specialized IT Services

We are a full-service IT provider with the resources you need to get the job done.  If you have an IT project that you need assistance with, give us a call today – we can help!

Vendor Strategic Alliances & Supported Products

iTeam Can You Help Tackle Your Toughest IT Projects

We have the professional experience, skill sets and resource depth you need to help move all of your critical IT projects forward on time and on budget.