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IT Helpdesk Services New York

Get IT Issues Fixed Instantly with 24/7 Remote IT Helpdesk Services


IT Helpdesk Support 24/7

Get instant help desk support from a deep team of trained IT professionals with guaranteed <15-minute response times —anywhere, any time.


Helpdesk Support Ticket Escalation

All reported IT issues are escalated through our support team service tiers in 15 minute intervals.  This ensures that your support tickets are always resolved successfully in the fastest time frame possible.


Helpdesk Customer Service

Never endure frustrating technical support calls.   We constantly track our help desk’s  performance metrics and are always working on improving  them to consistently provide  exceptional customer service.


Helpdesk Knowledge Management

Our helpdesk teams have all of the information they need at hand to know your company’s operational environment and unique service requirements.  When you work with an iTeam help desk professional you will always receive qualified IT support assistance that’s relevant to the problem at hand.


Helpdesk Support Team Communications

At iTeam we understand the importance of teamwork in everything we do.  That is why we support all forms of help desk communication and full integration capability with all major workgroup collaboration platforms including Slack & Microsoft Teams.  We will work with you to establish a support communications strategy that ensures you can access our IT support resources in whatever communications modality works best for your business. 


Help Desk Courtesy & Professionalism

We understand the frustration and stress that IT problems can create when end users are under pressure to get their work accomplished.  Our technicians are trained to consistently provide an exceptional level of professionalism and interpersonal communication skill when delivering end user IT support services.   This ensures a consistently positive customer service experience for every client and user we support.

Comprehensive IT Help Desk Support

We offer flexible and cost-effective IT help desk support packages with service coverage hours,  support tools and remote access utilities tailored to the specific needs of your business.  This helps you control support costs and ensures that your users can easily access the IT support resources they need whenever they are required.

Simple and Efficient Help Desk Integration

Gain precise visibility and insight into the status of helpdesk service tickets in real time at all times. 

Our help desk tools and service platforms help to coordinate all service ticket status reporting information into one simple interface. 

We also support full integration between our ticketing management systems and any workflow collaboration platforms that may already be in use at your company.   

This enables internal and external IT service team integration and collaboration so  that everyone involved in the IT support function can work together effectively and stay on the same page.

New York Help Desk Service Team Quality & Depth

With a team of over 500 IT support specialists and a 4-tier support escalation chain, you can be confident that every IT issue we service will always receive immediate response, efficient prioritization and the fastest resolution time frames possible. 

We also pride ourselves on the collective talent and professional hands on experience of our service technicians. 

Our junior technicians start with a minimum of three years of IT technical support experience and our advanced Tier support resources typically possess between 10-25 years of professional IT service delivery experience.

Knowledge Management Optimized Help Desk Support

At iTeam we are constantly exploring new service delivery procedures, tools and technologies that can improve the end user help desk support experience.

One of the issues our research in this area has led to is that users typically experience the most frustration when being asked by support technicians to answer technical questions about their environment that they either don’t know or which don’t relate to the issue they are seeking support for.

At iTeam we have developed an extensive array of knowledge management tools and internal control procedures to ensure that every technician servicing a support call has all the the technical information they need readily at hand to provide swift and effective response.

We have also recently begun leveraging powerful, new AI-based utilities to help further streamline and organize the support history data of every client we service to further enhance our help desk team’s  customer service and support capabilities.

On-Site Field Support Services

Not all IT support issues can be serviced remotely. 

Our help desk technicians are trained to immediately identify and escalate any IT issues that cannot be successfully resolved remotely to our field engineering team for prioritized response.  

Since most IT support issues that require onsite support relate to networking or hardware failures which could result in unanticipated work stoppage we automatically assign our highest service prioritization to these types of events to ensure that iTeam  field engineering resources can be dispatched as quickly as  possible to troubleshoot and assist.

Going the Extra Help Desk Mile – Professionalism, Courtesy & Concern

As a New York City IT service provider we have a deep respect for how hard all of our clients work each day and how much they each depend upon the IT support services we provide to help them get that work done successfully.

This awareness informs everything we do and every support ticket we service every day.

We are wholly committed, as a team, at all times to supporting not only our clients IT support needs but also the ongoing success of their businesses.

When you work with us you can always count upon our personnel to demonstrate professionalism, courtesy and genuine concern for doing the very best job we can to fulfill the service role you have entrusted us with.

iTeam Managed Helpdesk Solutions

24/7/365 Help Desk Support

Maximize end user productivity by giving them the IT support resources they need to get the job done.

Efficient Help Desk Ticket Escalation

Ensure that your company’s IT problems get solved quickly regardless of their technical complexity.

Helpdesk Performance Metrics

Take the guesswork out of IT service delivery quality control – we measure our service delivery metrics daily and constantly work to improve them.

Knowledge Driven Help Desk Support

Work with a technical team that already knows everything they will need to do to help you before you contact us for support.

Workflow Optimized Help Desk Support

Our support for all IT support communication modalities and  seamless integration to your company’s existing workflow automation platforms ensures that you can always reach us when you need us.

Professional Commitment, Courtesy & Concern

At iTeam nothing means more to us than providing genuine and consistent business value to our clients.  Our help desk team demonstrates this commitment every day on every client support ticket we service.

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