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IT Consulting NYC

Get the Guidance You Need to Make Informed Technology Decisions for Your Business


Business Continuity Consulting

Our IT Consultants and technical teams are experts in disaster recovery and IT Business Continuity Plan development.  We have helped hundreds of NYC area businesses develop, deploy and drill their business continuity and disaster recovery plans.


Project Management

Our New York project management teams will provide comprehensive planning, oversight and deployment assistance to ensure that any IT project you invest in will be delivered on time and on budget.


CIO/CISO Outsourcing

We can provide your company with a full range of professionally qualified executive IT governance and management services to ensure that your IT operations always remain tightly aligned with your broader business needs and objectives. 


Network Design & Integration

Our network engineering team has over 25 years of professional, hands-on experience with network architecture design and deployment across all major networking  platforms including, physical, virtual, cloud and wireless platforms.  


 Cloud Migration Services

Moving your business operations to the right cloud platforms and technologies requires a combination of expert technical guidance and hands-on cloud migration experience.  We have both.


IT Security Consulting

Hackers and malicious entities can strike without a moment’s notice.  iTeam’s advanced IT security consulting services will ensure that your business remains thoroughly secured against all existing and newly emerging Cybersecurity threats.  

Cloud Consulting & Migration Services

With the myriad of cloud computing options out there, your business needs a company that you can trust to always provide honest and objective guidance on which cloud options  best meet your company’s specific business needs.   

At iTeam we invest hundreds of man hours per year researching dozens of cloud vendor offerings to isolate the cloud vendors & platforms that we believe will provide our customers with genuine and lasting business value.

We support a very broad range of Cloud networking and service platforms to ensure that we can always provide our clients with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all of their cloud computing and migration needs.

Choosing iTeam as your cloud consulting and migration vendor will help you find the best and most cost effective path to leverage all the business benefits the cloud can offer you. 

So whether you require a fully customized private cloud environment, hybrid cloud platform or cloud- based point solutions, we’ll be able to service your needs. 

Our cloud computing engineers possess industry-leading certifications and training and are familiar with all major cloud computing vendors and platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

IT Security Consulting

At iTeam we take Cybersecurity seriously.  Out ITSEC professionals have extensive  training and professional experience delivering a broad range of specialized Cybersecurity consulting disciplines, including:

  • Network Security System Architecture & Design
  • IT Security Auditing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • eDiscovery & IT Litigation Support
  • IT Forensics & Fraud Investigtations
  • IT Security Hardening & Zero Trust Architectures
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Platforms
  • IT Compliance Management & Reporting
  • IT Security Training

We specialize in designing multi-layered IT security architectures designed to optimally meet the security needs of the most mission critical IT production environments.


Project Management & Consulting

The failure or success of major IT projects often depends upon the quality of the technical team managing the project.   At iTeam we have over 25 years of IT project management experience and we bring that expertise to every project we undertake.

Whether you require a large network upgrade, complex cloud migration or new business application deployment; we have the IT resources and experience to handle the job far more efficiently than our competition.

Our project teams have successfully performed many Enterprise level IT projects of extreme scale and complexity and brought them in on time and on budget regardless of project scope. 

No matter how challenging an IT project may seem with the right technical team behind you it can be accomplished successfully.

IT Executive Management Outsourcing

Many smaller businesses may lack the resources to hire a full time CIO or CISO to help manage their IT operations.  Typically,  this executive management role will get handed off to a CEO or CFO who is already too overextended to effectively handle IT strategic planning and management operations.

iTeam can help you fill this Executive management team gap by providing professionally outsourced CIO/CISO services.

These services can help you streamline IT management operations in the following core business areas:

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Governance & Oversight
  • IT Budgeting & Finance
  • IT Purchasing & Procurement
  • IT Policies & Procedures
  • IT Staffing & Human Resources Management
  • IT Security Oversight & Administration
  • IT Auditing & Compliance
  • IT Asset Management 
  • IT Training & Knowledge Management

Our outsourced CIO/CISO services can help your small business achieve Enterprise class IT management  capabilities for only a small fraction of the cost of hiring your own executive IT management team.

Network Design & Integration Consulting

With the many networking options available today, deploying a new network, or modernizing an existing one, can be a confusing and costly undertaking.  Our 25+ years of networking experience can provide your business with informed and practical consultative guidance throughout the entire network architecture planning, design, deployment and maintenance cycle.  This will ensure that the IT networking platforms we design won’t just connect your systems – they will connect your people to all of the IT resources they need to do their work simply, reliably and efficiently. 

Business Continuity Planning & Consulting

At iTeam we have been assisting our clients both prepare and recover from major unanticipated business technology service interruptions for over 25 years including from the events caused by 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.

Nothing ever matters more to us than safeguarding the integrity of our clients’ IT assets and business operations.

Preparing for unanticipated business interruption is something very few companies invest adequate time, effort, and resources to successfully achieve.  Yet, ironically, every client that we have ever serviced that has experienced a major IT system failure or Ransomware attack is shocked by the amount of time, effort and extraordinary expense it takes to recover their business operations.

At iTeam it is our job to help our clients understand this business exposure and prepare for it by putting effective business continuity and disaster recovery mechanisms in place. This ensures that our clients are always prepared to maintain their business operations despite whatever unforeseen circumstances may unexpectedly impact their business.

We also specialize in the deployment and administration of numerous industry leading network backup and recovery platforms designed to optimally support business continuity and data recovery operations.

iTeam IT Outsourcing Solutions

IT Projects Delivered On Time & On Budget

Guarantee your IT project’s success with iTeam’s dedicated team of over 500 project management and deployment specialists .

Comprehensive Cyber Security Consulting Services

Take proactive steps to safeguard your company’s IT resources by developing a multi-layered, defense-in-depth IT security architecture.

Executive IT Management Services

Take charge of your IT management with iTeam’s outsourced CIO/CTO/CISO services.  We can help you expertly fill IT leadership gaps and optimally align your IT operations with your company’s broader strategic goals.

Cloud Migration Consulting

Take advantage of iTeam’s extensive, cross-platform cloud migration experience to speed and simplify your business path to the cloud.

Network Design & Integration Consulting

We will design a networking architecture for your business that will seamlessly connect your users to every IT asset they need to perform at their highest level of productivity.

Business Continuity Planning & Consulting

The confidence of knowing that your company’s most important IT assets will be protected at all times from unanticipated data loss and business interruptions.

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