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Introducing the iTeam 20/20 Managed IT Services Platform

Get the Benefits of a Full IT Department for Less than Half the Cost of a Single IT Technician

Get unlimited remote technical support and up to 20 hours of emergency on-site support services per month for a special introductory price of just $2,500/month!

See What’s Included for Just $2500/month,
and No Long Term Contract


Unlimited Remote Help Desk Support Coverage

Comprehensive remote help desk support services for all your end users with guaranteed 15-minute initial trouble ticket response and 95>% same day trouble ticket resolution during normal business hours (8AM-8PM EST)*.

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Personalized Help Desk Portal

Dedicated client IT support portal that leverages cutting-edge AI-driven technology to “learn” your company’s specific IT support requirements and provide your end-users with a personalized IT support experience.


365/24/7 Proactive Cyber Security Monitoring

Multi-layered, “Defense-In-Depth” IT security architectures and automated security patch management procedures designed to ensure that your IT production environment is optimally secured against today’s continuously evolving IT security threat landscape.


IT Platform Agnostic Support Coverage

IT maintenance and support services for all types of networking components and endpoint devices in use across all major vendor IT hardware, software and cloud service platforms.


IT Knowledge Management Coverage

Comprehensive knowledge management system to ensure that all account specific IT support information is maintained accurately and available to all iTeam technicians in real time.


Network Performance Optimization Coverage

iTeam technical personnel will proactively assist end users on an ongoing basis with monitoring and performing all required routine endpoint IT system maintenance and performance optimization tasks to ensure optimal performance levels.


Take the Stress of Managing IT Off Your Plate

With 25 years of professional experience delivering managed IT services to over hundreds of NYC clients, we have identified 20 core managed IT service delivery components and best practices that we believe are all crucial towards optimally supporting today’s increasingly de-centralized and diversified corporate IT production environments.  

For a flat fee of $2,500/month, our team will perform all of these managed IT services to ensure that your IT operations always run efficiently & reliably.

Top-tier IT Helpdesk Support

Every IT issue that unexpectedly  impacts your company’s ability to service its customers or interferes with employee productivity requires immediate attention, qualified response and timely resolution.

587 Certified Technicians Available 24/7 

iTeam’s 587 certified helpdesk & networking engineering professionals ensure that you receive 

15 Minute First Response Time for Trouble Tickets

15-minute initial ticket response times, regardless of the cause or technical complexity of your support ticket and 15 minute support escalation windows to ensure the swiftest resolution time frame possible. 

20 Hours of Onsite Support 

When technical issues result from unexpected IT system failures you get up to 20 hours per month of onsite technical support included to keep your business up and running at all times. 

All Included for Just $2500/Month

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iTeam 20/20 – The Managed IT Services Program for Companies with Vision

iTeam 20/20 Value Proposition:

  1. IT Platform Agnostic Support Coverage
  2. AI-Driven Client Self Service Help Desk Support Coverage
  3. 365/24/7 Proactive IT System Monitoring Coverage
  4. 365/24/7 Proactive IT Security Monitoring Coverage
  5. Unlimited Remote Help Desk Support Coverage
  6. Emergency Onsite Support Coverage (Up to 20 Hours/Month)
  7. IT Asset Management Coverage
  8. IT Technical Documentation Coverage
  9. IT Knowledge Management Coverage
  10. IT Advisory Services Coverage
  11. Workgroup Collaboration Platform Coverage
  12. Support Team Depth & Service Escalation Coverage
  13. End-User Technical & Security Training Coverage
  14. Email Administration, Security & Support Coverage
  15. Data Backup & Business Continuity Coverage
  16. IT Forensics & eDiscovery Support Coverage
  17. Technical Liaison Service Coverage
  18. Telecommunications & Internet Bandwidth Coverage
  19. Network Performance Optimization Coverage
  20. SLA & IT Service Delivery Metrics Coverage

We challenge you to find a managed IT service platform that provides a broader service scope or better business value.

End-User Technical Training

Lax internal policies and staff oversight are the leading cause of cybersecurity breaches. When you sign up with iTeam, we’ll incorporate end user IT security training and education into every aspect of our IT support service delivery.  

This makes sure that end users are always cognizant and vigilant regarding the cybersecurity threats they face each day and helps dramatically mitigate the risk of successful intrusions.

Data Backup and Business Continuity

Unexpected business interruption can undermine your corporate reputation, seriously disrupt your business operations and cause significant extra expense.

With iTeam, you will receive consistent, daily network backup monitoring, timely backup failure remediation and periodic data restoration testing in order to ensure a high degree of confidence in your ability to successfully recover your IT systems if disaster hits.

iTeam 20/20 Managed Service Benefits


24/7/365 Server Health and Performance Monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring of all core IT systems to ensure high availability and proactively delivered ongoing maintenance.


Robust Cyber Security

Multi-layered security architecture to provide defense in depth protection against hackers, malware/ransomware attacks & cyber crime threats. 


IT Advisory Services

Professional strategic IT guidance and advice delivered by seasoned IT Consultants and Engineers to ensure that your company can always make practical, intelligent and informed IT decisions.


IT Forensics & eDiscovery

Professional support services for all forms of data forensics and collection in support of litigation and investigative activities.


Email Security & Administration

We will monitor, administer and secure Corporate email communications so that electronic business correspondence flows freely and securely at all times. 


Network Optimization

We will perform all required ongoing endpoint IT system maintenance and performance enhancement tasks to ensure  optimal performance for all of your endpoint IT systems. 

Vendor Strategic Alliances & Supported Products

iTeam 20/20 – The Managed IT Services Platform for Companies with Vision

Limited Time Offer – Act Now!

As an added promotional incentive, we will be reducing the monthly cost of our 20/20 managed service platform to $2,020.00/Month for the first 20 companies that sign on for a 90-day trial.  Our way of saying thanks for helping us successfully launch our new service platform.

We are confident that once you experience the enhanced business value that iTeam’s 20/20 managed IT service program can bring to your business you will be glad that you made the decision to switch.